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Primary Care Services

Bloom Wellness Clinics is proud to offer affordable comprehensive, accessible, and continuous care for individuals and families. These services typically include preventive care, diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses, and management of overall health and well-being. Our providers, play a pivotal role in coordinating patient care, facilitating referrals to specialists when necessary, and ensuring continuity across various healthcare settings. By focusing on early intervention, health promotion, and patient education, primary care services help reduce the incidence of more severe health issues, ultimately contributing to improved health outcomes and more efficient healthcare delivery.

Please contact our office for pricing and scheduling. 

I have been going for about 3 months and have started meds and injections/hormone therapy. I feel amazing and have lost 30 pounds! The staff is so friendly and Dr. Carli is amazing an knowledgeable. Thank you Bloom Wellness. I feel so much better with you!

Susan B.

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